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Bridget Whitaker 

Owner and Lead Confectioner

Storage, Nutrition & Allergens

Get the most out of you confectionery... 

All Whisk Products are freshly handcrafted using only the finest NZ local and imported ingredients and contains NO PRESERVATIVES so has a limited shelf life.

To ensure our confectionery is consumed at its best, we suggest you:

Store products out of sunlight, in a cool dry area, ideally not in the fridge and away from odour-producing items. This ensures your confectionery maintains its flavours.

Consume soon after purchase and within the recommended BEST BEFORE date.



Whisk has a range of gluten free products however they are all produced in a kitchen handling gluten.

Extreme care is taken in the production of products around peanuts and other nuts however traces may remain in non nut flavours.

Whisk fudge is made with real butter and cream so is not dairy free.

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