Gifting solutions big or small

Build loyalty and strong relationships with our gifting solution’s range

which will be remembered long after that sweet taste ceases.

From a small gesture to a great show of appreciation to your colleagues or clients, we can cater for all.

We can even customize with your logo or business card.


Ideal Grocery Stores & Gift shops

Do you need to add some decedent treats to your gift shop shelves?

Or do you want to offer your customers a yummy treat they can’t refuse on the counter of your produce or grocery store?


Ideal for Cafes & Restaurants

A piece of Fudge is the perfect medium between that jaffa on the coffee saucer and a whole muffin. Customers often crave a small sweet treat without over indulging. Our range of confectioneries are the perfect upsell or add on to any order.

Fudge Sauce
Fudge Bites Box
Gift Bag
Wedding Desserts
Bites Box
Cake Table

Planning a wedding!?

This life changing event is so exciting but is often a very stressful and overwhelming time.

The to do list is never ending, the expectations are through the roof.

Are you starting to understand how the term bridezilla came about?


I’ve been there, I felt the pressure, I’ve tied ten thousand bows to try and save on cash after searching high and low for inexpensive quality wedding favors.


I want to help take some of the stresses away

so you can get back to the fun stuff like picking out pretty dresses!

We offer a range of wedding favors and catering options that we can tailor to your theme and work with your budget.

Options start as low as $0.80 per guest

We can also save you a heap of money on your catering bill with an easy and effective trick we’ve come up with!

Would you like to know how?

Find out here >



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