How can I save a lump sum

on my wedding?

It's actually a really practical and easy trick.

Think about the traditional day, you have canapes after the ceremony,

followed by a 3 coarse meal and are then left with a pile of uneaten

wedding cake that you paid a fortune for! 

Well skip the 3 coarse meal - with out anyone noticing!


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1) Start with a selection of breads and dips on each table - pay for 1 platter instead of 8 - 12 entrees per table saving mega bucks.


2) Next serve your main dish anyway you choose - you can afford to put a little extra into this coarse now if you wish too.


3) Then skip the dessert coarse! Say what!??? 

-Skip straight to cutting of the cake, by this time your guests are getting a little tipsy and anxious to hit the D-floor anyway!

-After cutting of the cake, put a wee thank you speech in here whilst your caterers whisk away the cake to be portioned and plated.


Put out a big bowl of ice cream, the plate of your cake, a jug (or 3) of heated fudge sauce and an arrangement of fudge pieces. What could be better !??